Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New graphic !

I finally got time to make a new graphic, the only reason is because i am sick :(
Here is a graphic i made today !
I don't think i am improving that much to be honest.
But i like the outfit on this graphic !
The hands are terrible i am bad at doing hands the gloves came out weird hehe :)
The model is .pease.
Any thoughts ?


  1. Lovin' it!
    The outfit is awesome, the pose is awesome, Linnea is awesome, and I suppose so are you if you chose all of these AWESOME... things!

    x/. Emily

  2. What you told up there was a lie. You ARE improving. The shading of the legs and arms are looking much better! :D

  3. The hands look botched though :D

    I am not sure if i am using the word botched right though xD

  4. You did great! How do u do this? Im amzaed fantastic!!!!

  5. No blotched isn't the right word Botched means something else xD

  6. that's soo awesome!! just wondering .. how did yhuu make those they are so amazing!! :D :o)