Friday, April 29, 2011

OoOh Lala

Hey guys !
I made this graphic last week, but it took me a while to do the hair and face.
One thing that I improved on is the hands. 
I always mess up the hands lol..
The Graphics By Blahm3 sign going over it is so people wouldn't steal my graphics.

I am going to start doing it to all my graphics.
I made the writing light so you can still see all of the graphics perfectly.
This graphic will be used as the background for this blog.
To get a better image CLICK the picture to enlarge it !

PS: Thank you to Tonia.ftw for helping me put the head on :) xxx


  1. It looks soooo much like my Graphic..... have a Look at it's almost the same

  2. Lol we used the same GaGa reference picture :)